2023-2024 Fall Term Applications

The applications for BİLGİ Graduate Programs in Architecture are open. The interview date for the 23-24 Fall Term Registration is 20.07.2023. The application deadline for this interview is 17.07.2023.

This interview is for both Master’s Programs: History, Theory and Criticism in Architecture (with Thesis) and Architectural Design (without Thesis).

Application requirements for History, Theory and Criticism in Architecture (with Thesis) can be accessed here.

Application requirements for Architectural Design (without Thesis) can be accessed here.

BİLGİ Architecture Graduate Programs offer a comprehensive perspective that recognizes design as an integrated field uniting diverse areas of culture and production. The programs' curriculum encompasses diverse scales, ranging from the macro-level of geography to the micro-level of individual experiences, covering urban contexts, architectural spaces, object design, landscapes, and nature. We offer an academic environment that encourages creative and critical thinking to re-evaluate design technologies and production methods and explore the theoretical foundations of design culture. Do not miss this opportunity to apply for the fall semester.