About the Program

İstanbul Bilgi University Architectural Design Master's Program is designed together with the History and Theory of Architecture Master's Program within the Faculty of Architecture. Architectural Design Master's Programs offer a comprehensive perspective that recognizes design as an integrated field that unites different areas of culture and production. With a focus on multiple scales ranging from the macro-level of geography to the micro-level of individual experience, the curriculum encompasses urban contexts, architectural spaces, object design, landscapes, and nature. Cultivating critical thinking and exploring the theoretical underpinnings of design culture in these diverse fields is of great importance and creates an environment conducive to intellectual engagement and scholarly research. The re-evaluation of design technologies and production methods is actively encouraged, using both creative and critical thinking to promote innovation and progress in the field. By establishing a research-based design education grounded in critical theories, we aim to empower our students to make significant contributions to the field of architectural design.

The program encompasses a curriculum that includes design research workshops and theoretical courses, providing students with a well-rounded education that combines practical skills with theoretical knowledge.

Architectural Design Master's Program is open to individuals who hold a Bachelor of Architecture degree, and successful completion of the program leads to the attainment of an M.Arch - Master Architect Diploma. The program follows a non-thesis master's model, allowing students to complete their studies at the end of the 3rd semester by fulfilling all course requirements and submitting their final projects to the Institute of Graduate Programs.

Summer School

The program regularly organizes a series of Architectural Design Graduate Summer Workshops to promote integration into the international architectural arena and strengthen the institution's global position in architectural education. This initiative provides a platform for designers from different cultural backgrounds to collaborate and interact with each other. Renowned international architects are invited to conduct short-term workshops throughout the summer, providing participants with valuable insights and professional development opportunities.

Extra-curricular Activities

Recognizing the intrinsic value of experiential learning and collaborative production in design education, a wide range of student-led activities are promoted within the graduate programs. These include, "Mekan Konuşmaları" as a prominent weekly seminar series, that creates an environment conducive to listening, dialogue, and meaningful exchange. Esteemed guests with diverse profiles, including distinguished academics and professionals, are invited to participate in these engaging sessions. Through these interactions, students are given the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations, broaden their perspectives and enhance their intellectual growth.