Mekan Konuşmaları no: 107 Mariana Cabugueira

Mekan Konuşmaları No.107 Mariana Cabugueira // 26.03.2024 @18.00, KD6 - Kazandibi

"The Hybrid Practice of Architecture, into the Metaverse. Where; How; with Whom; for Who."

We are thrilled to announce that Mariana Cabugueira will be our guest with her talk "The Hybrid Practice of Architecture, into the Metaverse. Where; How; with Whom; for Who." in the 107th episode of Mekan Konuşmaları, hosted by the students of the Graduate Programs in Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University.

In a time of rocket-fuel tech progress, the future of architecture relies undoubtedly on its capacity of adaptation. More than ever, the future of architecture and design is clear to happen in the physical world and extend the field and profession to the digital brand new one. For both, digital and physical, the driving force is computational, through AI and digital automation, tamed by our human innate uniqueness, vision and craftsmanship. Physical, digital, AI and craftsmanship, the most current architect has the sole ability to run them all. Mariana Cabugueira will talk about the hybrid practice of architecture at Mariana Cabugueira Studios, for physical landscapes and the metaverse world. Where? How? For whom – the workflow, the tools, the teams, the clients.

Mariana Cabugueira is the Architect Director and Founder of Mariana Cabugueira Studios - (MC) Studios - an Architecture, Academic and Design studio that hybridizes projects for physical and metaverse urban sites. Mariana holds a Master's in Architecture and Urbanism from Lisbon's FAL School and the Politecnico di Milano, alongside a Master's in Architectural Design Research from AA-DRL School in London, cementing her as an architectural designer.

As a Senior Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, Mariana contributed to iconic projects like the Navi Mumbai Airport and the Tower C in Shenzhen. In 2022, she was the Leader and Art Director of the Architecture Department at Wilder World - an international tech, web3, company - shaping the metaverse City, Wiami. Founding Mariana Cabugueira Studios in 2023, she's driving evolution in architecture and digital design.

The Studios' focus is the construction of an Al-powered Metaverse and the practice of Parametric Design for physical context projects. (MC) Studios was created to bridge the physical and the digital, particularly within the rapidly emerging web3 immersive spaces, known as the metaverse. She is also an Academic teacher, Head Tutor, and Studio Director, with a global impact as an influential speaker worldwide. She has won the Digital Futures Award in 2023.

The talk will be in English and is open to everyone.

Date: 26.03.2024 Monday

Time: 18:00

Place: santralistanbul Campus, KD6 - Kazandibi

Online, Zoom:

Meeting ID: 89482153734