Mekan Konuşmaları no: 103 Tarık Şengül

Mekan Konuşmaları No:103 Tarık Şengül // 14.11.2023 @ 18.00, Online

"Istanbul/Marmara Earthquake and Resilience: Towards a Multi-Layered/Multi-Dimensional/Multi-Scalar/Multi-Actor Definition and Strategy"

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. H. Tarık Şengül will be our guest in the 103rd episode of Mekan Konuşmaları, hosted by the students of the Graduate Programs in Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University. The talk will attempt to conceptualize the Istanbul/Marmara Earthquake and the question of becoming a resilient geography against earthquakes through four related elements. In the first iteration, Earthquake/Resilience is defined with reference to the multiple layers of the city (geological-biological-social). In the second iteration, Earthquake/Resilience is approached by pointing to policy dimensions (engineering, planning-architecture, logistics, managerial, social, economic). Thirdly, earthquake/resilience is questioned around the question of scale (neighborhood/metropolitan/regional/national), and as the fourth dimension, earthquake/resilience is evaluated in terms of the actors/institutions it refers to. In the last section, an attempt is made to bring together the four-level analysis around the concept of resilience.

Prof. Dr. H. Tarık Şengül completed his undergraduate studies at METU in the City Planning Department and his graduate studies from the same institution’s Political Science Department. He completed his PhD thesis ‘Hegemony and Urban Space: The Case of the Turkish Capital Ankara’ at Kent University’s Urban Studies Program in the United Kingdom. He is currently department coordinator and lecturer at METU Political Studies and Public Administration Department, also offering courses in METU Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments Department. In addition to his national and international scholarly articles, he has published two books in Turkish from İmge Publishing House: Kentsel Çelişki and Muhafazakâr Popülizm. He has assumed positions as Chairman of the Chamber of City Planners (2008-10) and The City of Diyarbakır Structural Plan Development Coordinator (2004-5). Lately, he has been working as coordinator for İstanbul Municipality 2050 Vision Action Plan and İstanbul Seismology Supreme Board.

The talk will be in English and is open to everyone.

Date: 14.11.2023 Tuesday
Time: 18.00
Place: Online, Zoom
Meeting ID: 864 1162 6685
Passcode: 722746