Mekan Konuşmaları no: 101 Itır Erhart

Mekan Konuşmaları No: 101 Itır Erhart // 17.10.2023 @ 18.00, KD6 - Kazandibi

"Rebuilding the City and Life After Disaster”

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Itır Erhart will be our guest in the 101st episode of Mekan Konuşmaları, hosted by the students of the Graduate Programs in Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University.

The talk will focus on different phases of disaster management. The work of İhtiyaç Haritası and Afet Platformu in processes ranging from search and rescue, to humanitarian aid, to reconstruction and development, as well as projects ranging from tent cities to temporary living spaces and container cities in Hatay, will be presented.

Itır Erhart studied English Language and Literature and Philosophy at Boğaziçi University. She received her M.Phil. degree from Cambridge University and her doctorate degree from Boğaziçi University. She teaches courses on gender, media, human rights and civil society at İstanbul Bilgi University, conducts research and acts as consultant to the rector. She is one of the founding members of two social enterprises: Adım Adım and Açık Açık. She is an Ashoka Fellow and a member of Ashoka Turkiye Board, İnogar Board, İhtiyaç Haritası Associate, Theater Cooperative Advisory Committee and TEGV Board of Trustees.

The talk will be in English and is open to everyone.

Date: 17.10.2023 Tuesday

Time: 18.00

Place: santralistanbul Campus, KD6 - Kazandibi